Sustainably Produced

Sustainably Produced


We believe in
Slow Fashion

The fast fashion industry is problematic because with constant creation of cheap, mass-produced products comes constant environmental degradation and extremely poor working conditions.

At Sunnysix, we believe in slow fashion -- thoughtfully designing each piece, producing in small batches, and applying ethical practices throughout our whole process.


We believe in
Ethical Manufacturing
When it comes to our commitment to sustainability, we belive it is not enough to use eco fabric; human rights and ethical working conditions are also a must!

Our activewear is ethically produced by a premium manufacturer of eco-fashion, where employees are paid well over the minimum and have decent working hours and overtime pay at triple the norm. Each employee receives company insurance including spouse and children, free lunch, and a travel allowance. There is a strict no child labor practice and no discrimination policy. Certifications: OEKO-TEX
® Standard 100 (harmful substance regulation) and DyStar® (eco-friendly textile dyes)

We believe in
Fair Pricing

We all want to do good and purchase better but buying 'green' always seems to come with a higher price tag. It's worthwhile to understand why sustainable goods can cost much more so here's an estimated breakdown of what you pay for when choosing Sunnysix:

Choosing sustainable means choosing our planet, supporting fair labor, and contributing to a greater world!

We believe in
Responsible Packaging

It's our goal to minimize our waste as much as possible and reuse as much fabric as we can to reduce our overall impact on landfills.

Although we've been using organic cotton pouches made with fabric scraps and plantable thank you cards, we've also been exploring better alternatives and more responsible packaging. We agreed that it'd be too difficult to keep up with the MOQ of plant-based packaging and that the cards may just become excess waste.

So, let's keep it simple. Meet the Play pouch – she’s cute, reusable, and made from recycled materials. We do like putting waste to good use.